Yum Up Your Wedding with Gelato

Written by: Gelato Products

Learn how to make your wedding a hit with gelato for your guests.

If you’re still planning the menu to serve at your wedding, but don’t want to stick to the same old boring and traditional fare, gelato might be just the treat for you! The dessert bar is back in style, and it’s an affordable way to celebrate your special day too.

For those that don’t know, gelato is sort of like ice cream, but it is healthier and has more intensity to its flavor. This lower fat and stronger flavor is in part due to using less cream and more milk in the creation process. And since it isn’t hardened in a blast freezer like ice cream, gelato is similar in consistency to soft serve.

Try to have at least three flavors available, with a stash of tasting spoons so that everyone can try a few before grabbing a cup to fill with their favorite flavor(s). For toppings, use fresh fruit! They offer a tasty, and healthy, boost of flavor for your guests.

If you’re worried about what to serve it with, quality plastic gelato spoons are available. These spoons are thick and sturdy enough so that they don’t break under the weight of the gelato, while also coming in a myriad of colors to fit any style. Some people market these as frozen yogurt spoons, and the products are similar enough that they are equally viable for use with gelato.

So if you’re feeling a bit bold and want to break with tradition, gelato may be just the desert to add to your wedding’s lineup.