How to Pair Vintage Rings with Modern Styles

Tradition has given way to new styles that merge the look of antique engagement rings with modern wedding bands. Today’s bride wears what she wants, and the ring is as much a part of her identity as it is a symbol of her commitment to her spouse. That’s led more younger buyers to shop for both modern and vintage pieces.

Want an even more practical reason for joining vintage and modern styles? We’ve got three!

Opposites Attract

One of the best fashion juxtapositions involves art deco rings, and vintage-style bands. Art deco relies heavily on geometric shapes, so it pairs well with vintage jewellery that typically has a slightly different shape or appearance. Match rings properly and the look will feel cohesive, like you’d planned it from the moment you purchased. You can also pair vintage engagement rings with a modern art deco band for the same effect.

Mix Metals

According to Cynthia Findlay Antiques, a licensed dealer of custom jewellery in Toronto, the age of mixing metals as a faux pas are gone. One particularly popular pairing involves rose and yellow gold, but you should pair according to your preference and your skin tone. Be sure to try on a few rings before you opt for a custom piece, but the end-result is stunning.

Thinner is Better

A thick wedding band tends to draw attention away from the vintage piece, and no one chooses a vintage piece because they want it to be ignored. If you want that unique feel to stand out, a thinner wedding band is your best solution.