5 Wedding planning mistakes

inexpensiveweddingideasEven the most organized couple can make mistakes when planning their wedding. Here are a few areas to watch out for.

Not sticking to your budget – Making a budget is one thing, but sticking to your budget is the hard part. You should keep a close track of your expenses, each time you pay a deposit or make a final payment. If you are unsure if you can pay for a service or a product, hold back for a day and discuss the issue with your other half.

Not getting your marriage license – If you mess up your marriage license you wouldn’t be legally married on the day. For example in Pennsylvania your license is only valid for 60 days. Some states have a waiting period of 3 days. Also, if you were married before remember to bring in your official divorce papers.

Ordering your dress late – If your looking at a designer dress, it should be ordered at least 6 months in advance. For an off-the-rack wedding dress, which requires alterations, leave at least 4 months prior to your big day. For dresses purchased online, leave at least 6 months for shipping and alterations.

Booking rooms – If you are planning a destination wedding or a wedding with the majority of guests travelling from overseas, reserve your hotel rooms early. Once your rooms have been blocked, confirm the booking with a deposit.

Inviting too many guests – Don’t try to invite 350 guests for a venue that can only hold 250. Generally 80% of your guests will accept your invitation. To avoid this and make your numbers, send save the dates early and confirm how many guests will attend. If you are still short, you then have sufficient time to send out more save the dates/ Invitations.