What to Look for When You Shop Vintage Rings

What to Look for When You Shop Vintage Rings

Summary: Vintage engagement rings provide a flashy, beautiful work of art to your collection. Be sure to keep a look out for these things before making your purchase.

Vintage engagement rings are gorgeous, memorable and even cost-friendly. Whether purchased for a collection or to be worn, vintage rings have become a beloved piece of jewellery. Take a look at what you should look for when you are shopping around.

Depending on the usage of your ring, your options can vary. If you are the gardening type that loves to get your hands dirty, you would want to find a sturdier ring. The same goes the other way around as well. Rings with an exquisite, vintage look to them are more delicate and should be handled with more care.

Getting a vintage ring appraised is important to assess the materials, the size and the approximate date of its creation. Depending on your ring, you can expect to see an appraisal that can cost up to $100.

Durability can be an issue when it comes to finding the right ring. Be sure to research quality stores that won’t sell you a dud or hide their products behind smoke and mirrors. Collections from high-class jewelers such as Cynthia Findlay, a beloved Canadian business that offers estate, vintage, and custom jewellery in Toronto, have become top destinations for ring enthusiasts.

No matter what type of vintage or antique engagement rings you come across, be sure to choose one that fits your personality the best. With all of the modern designs out there, why not change it up and consider looking in to the past?

Bio: Cynthia Findlay Antiques is one of Toronto’s favorite spots for decorators, collectors, antique, and jewellery enthusiasts.