4 Wedding Dates to Avoid

People are going to complain about something or the other when it comes to a wedding. Yet when it comes to date selection, there are a few that have to be clearly avoided.

Doing this will save you unnecessary stress from the outset. Here are 4 dates that you should avoid for your ‘wedding day’:

1: September 11

It’s not a good idea to share your anniversary on a date when thousands of people lost their lives. This is especially so if you live in New York. Someone or the other would have lost someone on this day. No matter what, stay away from this date, wherever you are live in the country.

inexpensiveweddingideas2: Memorial Day/ Labor Day Weekend

You can pick this date if all your guests will be around for the holiday weekend. Otherwise, be judicious when picking a holiday weekend for this reason. You should also know that not only will hotel rates increase (if the wedding is out of town!) but there will be additional traffic to contend with.

3: Christmas Eve

You can pick this date if the guests don’t celebrate this day. But if they do and have children, they will think you have lost your mind. In all probability, they will out shopping at the mall as most procrastinators do. Apart from this, family dinners, church, wrapping presents are activities that will deter them from attending your wedding.

4: Halloween

Some non-traditional couples might pick this date for whatever reason. Of course, you might be lucky if this falls on a weekend. But remember that if you guests have children, then they will not attend. Also, if your friends and family won’t be busy accompanying children to collect candy, then pick this date. Yet be ready for comments about picking such a date.