Food Ideas for a Wedding on a Budget

Food Ideas for a Wedding on a Budget

Often when planning your wedding, you would want to keep things elegant and most importantly, under your budget. Some simple tricks could have you achieve a low-cost wedding reception while at the same time keeping your guests entertained.

DIY and simple appetizers

Prepare your own appetizers to be served at your wedding reception. Even though this might seem like a tedious task, you can do easy recipes that can be frozen beforehand and just heated up to be served to your guests. You can also go for simple things to eat such as cheese platters and crackers.

Save up on waiters

Let your guests serve themselves. Waiters can add a fancy touch to your party but they will also fatten the bill. Having buffets whereby your guests could serve themselves and eat bits and pieces while chatting with others can be good for the overall ambience.

Affordable drinks

You can save up on drinks by booking a venue that allows you to bring your own drink. This will save you the extra cost that many places charge for providing drinks. You can also limit the variety of drinks served by serving only beers and wine for instance. You can also provide non-alcoholic drinks which tend to be less expensive.

A simple wedding cake

Go for a simple wedding cake. Often wedding cakes are overpriced when they are too fancy and require a lot of craftsmanship. Going for a simple cake could really make you cut down on the cost.