Amazing and Frugal Honeymoon Destinations

Planning a wedding and going through the ceremony can one of the most amazing experience in your life. But it is also one of the more tiring events to happen in someone’s life and the honeymoon that comes after that is truly a well-deserved break. However, due to budget cuts, couple often have to forego this relaxing week. The following destinations will make you rethink about which destination to choose for your honeymoon.


There is a common misconception that cruises tend to be unaffordable. However, you can find several cruise lines that offer affordable packages great for honeymooners. You can consider researching on an Alaskan cruise or you might opt for cruises in the Florida Keys or Mexican Riviera. Cruises have the advantage of proposing many activities and you will get to visit many towns every time you dock.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas can be amazing for a honeymoon with all the inexpensive food and drinks. Sometimes you might even find free drinks. The city offers so many sites and shows such as the dancing fountains at Bellagio. You might even try your hand at coin machines or casinos to try to win some extra cash.

British Columbia, Canada

The British Columbia in Canada offers stunning mountains and this place holds a vast and rich history. This could be a great venue for your wedding as well as your honeymoon. You can enjoy the place’s fabulous food at low rates and explore the historical artefacts. You can also go shopping or horseback riding outdoors.