5 Inexpensive Reception Food Ideas

5 Inexpensive Reception Food Ideas

Catering for every guest’s taste and age group can be a challenging feat for the bridal couple. Recent trends are moving away from the traditional sit-down wedding meals to more creative and informal ways to present the wedding buffet.

Taster stations

Offering a selection of “tasters” is an imaginative and artistic way to feed guests. This system is ideal to include different products, customs and cultures into a single menu.

Informal catering

Certain weddings venues would be glad to provide future brides and grooms with unique and creative choices when it comes to their wedding menu. This is because they are aware that couples would be stretching to afford the venue would be requiring savings elsewhere. More informal styles such as the BBQs and crepe machines are particularly attractive.

Cocktail Food

Another brilliant and budget-friendly idea is to serve food straight from cocktail or shot glasses. To continue with the cocktail theme, main courses can be presented in the form of late night snacks. The dessert can also be presented in individual bite-size portions.

Bowl Food

Bowl food is the right middle between a full-on wedding feast and traditional canapes. These can be served by waiters. A typical bowl food would be verrines or food served in small containers. These are more filling than a mouthful and various choices can be included for your guests.

Classic Food

Serving fish and chips might seem strange, but not on a British-themed reception party. Going for classic cultural food is another brilliant idea to serve copious amounts of food on a budget.