3 Essential Tips for a Frugal Wedding

3 Essential Tips for a Frugal Wedding

Having a frugal wedding can be quite difficult to plan. This mostly requires eliminating some excess from your initial plans, which might not be easy to decide on. These tips below can help you plan a budget wedding.

  1. Avoid guest list bloat

The essential element of your wedding planning would revolve around the number of guests. Other factors such as your choice of venue, the menu and even the number of party favours to order would be based on the number of guests. Even though it might be tempting to invite many people. When on a budget, having an intimate wedding is one of the first cost-saving initiatives that you might consider adopting.

  1. Ask for wedding help instead of wedding gifts

Your guests would be more than happy if they were given the opportunity to get involved in your wedding as not just as a guest, but also as part of the organizer. For instance, if you have a member of the family who is talented at photography, you might consider asking them to be your photographer as your wedding gift.

  1. Have the ceremony at home, or outdoors

Choosing the venue and all the other costs that would come alongside with it can end up being quite expensive. Instead, the ceremony could be held at your own place or at your parents’ house, depending on the space available.

The essential tips would certainly act as the basis of your frugal wedding planning and can effectively help you lower the other wedding costs that are bound to come next.