Save Money on Your Grand Cayman Wedding

Written by Andy’s Rent-a-Car

Are you in the middle of planning your dream wedding? If so, you are probably considering all the amazing locations that you could have it at. If you decide to choose Grand Cayman Islands, you definitely won’t be alone in your decision. Hundreds of people get married in this amazing location every year. It’s unrivaled in terms of romance, natural beauty and accommodating weather.


That’s not to say you won’t have to do some work though. The Cayman Islands are great, but you’ll have to plan ahead. One thing you’ll definitely need to think about is how people will get around.

For this, you should rent a car in Grand Cayman. You should also encourage the rest of your friends and family to do the same. Although the island isn’t huge, it’s still big enough that you can’t just get around on foot. Likewise, trying to get around via public transportation is also a bad idea.

To put it simply, there’s too much traffic and too many people trying to grab cabs or get around via public transport. What you need is rental cars you can use to get where you’re going whenever you need to in order to make the most of your wedding day.


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