Budget Wedding Cake Ideas

Budget Wedding Cake Ideas

Article written by Fresh Boutique

The wedding cake, apart from the bride’s gown, is one of the most expensive items on a wedding. Usually, the more complicated the cake is, the more expensive it would be. Typically, a decoration made of fondant will tend to be more costly than buttercream. Fancy decorations such as different shapes, colors and handmade sugarworks can bring the price even higher. What is designer-made or custom-made would obviously be expensive since you would be paying for the designer’s creativity and craftsmanship.

Half servings or cheat cakes

A way around paying a huge amount for your wedding cake is to order “half-servings” for your guests. It would depend on the appetite of your guests, but chances are that they would have a slice half-eaten anyway. You can also order the cake of your dreams but have it on a smaller scale than what you intended at the beginning. You can have another less fancy cake made of the same flavor that you can cut “backstage” to be served to your guests.

Deconstructed cakes

It might seem quite chaotic but a deconstructed cake can really give the impression that you have more cake than you actually do. Most bakers might charge higher just for stacking the layers of cake. Having the cakes side by site can make you cut costs on the stacking.

Square shaped cakes

A square cake will typically cut into more slices and get yield a great amount of serving from each tier. You can also decide on the amount of slices to cut through and how thin or thick you want the slices to be.