3 tips to save on your wedding photographer

Hiring a wedding photographer often takes a good portion of your wedding budget. The tips below might help you spend less on the photography.

  1. Book early

As soon as you have decided on a date for the big day, start looking for your photographer. Booking well ahead might let you have access to certain discounts or special offers. You could also visit photography or wedding fairs to get in touch with professionals and book them at special rates. An early search might also give you time to evaluate your options and to choose a better plan when the professionals are not yet fully booked.

  1. Hire the professional photographer for a lesser time

Instead of hiring the photographer for the whole day, you might hire the person to cover the wedding ceremony and a part of your wedding reception. To let your photographer and videographer depart early from the ceremony, make arrangements to cut your cake and do the bouquet tossing early in the evening. This will cut down on the hourly cost of your professionals. Your guests would have brought cameras and have their camphones handy in any case for additional pictures.

  1. Hire a talented but inexperienced photographer

If you are on a budget, you might scan the social networks for new talented photographers in your region that are just emerging. Lesser-known photographers would not charge so much as an experienced one will but might deliver a good quality work. However, hiring an inexperienced photographer would involve a risk and you might want to try them for a test shoot before making your final decision.