What You Need to Know About a Civil Wedding Ceremony

Since there are a number of mixed marriages taking place, a civil wedding ceremony (instead of a religious one) seems to make more sense.

Best part: you can have special readings, vows, wedding themes or symbols that aren’t possible with a religious wedding either.

Simply put, the entire ceremony is conducted in a judge’s office or a registrar or lawyer’s office. It can even be held in an area of your choice which is located in the area you wish to be married in.

You have to double check the laws associated with a civil ceremony because they differ from state to state. This can be easily obtained from the local courthouse or City Hall in the city that you wish to get married in.

 inexpensiveweddingideasAlso, they can also give you contact information of officials who can hold such a civil wedding that is recognized. Make sure you meet with a few of these officials to find out who can perform the ceremony.

Once you’re happy with one particular official, he or she will provide you with advice about the procedure that must be followed in order to get your marriage license.

Some of these include documentation such as a birth certificate or passport for identification, Marriage or Divorce Certificate if you were married before, a utility that provides your current address, signed permission from a guardian or parent if you are under 18 years of age. In some cases, people have to submit documentation related to a blood test too.

Finally, it’s wise to keep a budget for the fees that might have to be pain in order to conduct a civil ceremony. Some of these include the official’s, marriage license and registration fee. Remember that they can vary from location to location.