The best looks for women that guys appreciate

The best looks for women that guys appreciate

Written by: Fashion Of The Celebs

Guys are creatures that are easy to please. They thrive on visual perception. That means that they are heavily influenced by what they see. You see it all the time; in the car that they drive, the phones they use, and even in their taste in women. We don’t mean to objectify women here, we’re just stating a fact. Men are visual creatures, and there’s no denying that.


However, just because men thrive on what they see, it doesn’t mean we should just walk around practically naked for their delight. As a matter of fact, men aren’t just drawn to flesh. There are several looks that guys appreciate a whole lot.


The preppy look. If you can pull off this look, it’s great to put on a buttoned-up shirt and a sweater. To some men, this look is irresistible. Some say that it’s because it makes a woman look more demure and conservative that gives them that extra kick.


The fitting and skin-tight look. Whether it’s jeans and a sweater, or a dress that hugs your body, this drives men wild. Women are naturally gifted with a beautiful figure. So find clothing that will enhance your figure. Of course, don’t wear something during the day that would make you look slutty. If you want to wear a skimpy dress, make sure to wear it in an appropriate place. Remember that you can wear fitting clothing without having to look skimpy.


Low-cut dresses and clothing. Showing off some skin doesn’t hurt especially when you’ve got “assets”. If you’re not shy about it, and you would like to flaunt it, then wear some clothes that are going to compliment your features. Show some cleavage or show some legs if you’re confident about them.