How to save on your wedding flowers

Flowers might take a big portion of your wedding budget especially if you are going with rare flowers. If you are on a budget, you might consider adopting some or all of the tips below to save on your wedding flowers.

Define your budget and talk to your florist

Depending on the importance you would accord to flowers, you might want to attribute a bigger or lower percentage of your wedding budget to flowers. When you have defined your budget, talk to your florist to make sure that you are on the same page. The florist would be able to recommend blooms that are in season and even come up with centerpieces and wedding bouquets that are easy to assemble and would not cost a lot for the florist’s work.

Include non-floral elements as your decoration

Non-floral elements could be candles, fruits and vegetables, twigs and decorations such as glasses and pebbles. The idea is to use the other elements to match the theme of your wedding. If you are holding a beach wedding for instance, it would make sense to include some corals and sand in your centerpiece decoration.

Get original bridesmaid bouquets

For your bridesmaids, you could choose alternative bouquets such as those made of seashells, buttons, sequins, fabrics, ribbons and even origami paper flowers. Those bouquets can be made ahead and unlike real flowers, they would last for a long time. You can match the bridesmaid bouquets with the theme of your wedding and can even get the bridesmaids to make their own bouquet.