How to save on your wedding decoration

Wedding decorations might cost you more than what you could have planned if you are not careful about it. You might easily go overboard with your wedding decor. To avoid this, you might consider each item of your decoration carefully in order to allow for savings and to limit the budget to each part proportionately. You might consider the below tips to help you lower your wedding decor cost.

Wedding Flowers

Your wedding flowers could represent a huge percentage of your budget unless you take steps to be frugal about it. For instance, you could choose flowers that are in season or opt for the cheapest flowers and learn how to make them stand out by including other interesting elements.

Ceremony Decorations

Depending on the ceremony venue that you have chosen, sometimes you might not even be needing so much decoration. For instance, if you are getting married in a beautiful ancient church, the setting itself might be sufficient to yield great pictures. You could also think about easily available decorative items such as candles and fabric garlands.

Reception Decorations

Depending on your theme, you might sometimes not even be needing so much decoration for your reception. For instance if you are doing a beach themed decoration, you might get away with just some seashells, coconuts and exotic fruits placed throughout the venue.

Table Centerpieces

Your table centerpieces would usually be moving along the same line as your reception venue decoration and your wedding theme. Going for simple centerpieces such as candles would be good too. You could also get creative and make your own centerpieces.