5 Tips to Pull Off a Budget Wedding

5 Tips to Pull Off a Budget Wedding

Pulling off a wedding when on a budget might be hard to fathom. However, with some simple tricks and tips as well as a bunch of creativity, an inexpensive wedding can be easily turned into a remarkable one.

  1. Make it special but small

If a big reception is not within your budget, you can instead consider celebrating your wedding with a luncheon with close relatives and friends as guests. A big open space can be chosen and both the groom’s and bride’s families could split the cost.

  1. Opt for big decorative items

If you have to decorate a big space, opting for dainty decorative pieces might constitute of too much of an expenditure. Instead, my opting for huge pieces such as giant balloons or oversized rustic bouquets, you would lift up the space more quickly.

  1. Thrift it up

Instead of creating an expensive photo booth, you might instead opt for inexpensive pieces such as thrifted furniture for your guests to sit on while having photos taken. The photobooth background can also be made from recycled decorations from other occasions.

  1. Inexpensive flowers

Florists generally charge a lot, especially for wedding floral pieces. Several websites offer the possibility of ordering flowers online or flowers can be found from backyards. Another alternative is to ask the help of friends when it comes to the flower budget.

  1. Go for a natural light photographer

Natural light photographer are usually charge less as they do not have a studio and a lot of equipment. These photographers are able to work in outdoor conditions.