4 Wedding Tips From An Unmarried Chap

Just because you aren’t married (but have been to a number of them) that doesn’t mean you have nothing to offer those who are planning to.

There are a number of people who have been to weddings and have learned how to stage a wedding from the mistakes they’ve seen.

Here are 4 wedding tips from one such unmarried chap:

1: Avoid inviting someone who is going to cry

Only the bride and groom are allowed to cry on their big day. Not anyone else. This includes not having melodramatic adults and screaming children at the wedding. If you don’t take any chances with this, you’ll have the best wedding day of your life.

inexpensiveweddingideas2: No theme weddings

It’s not a good idea to be dressed as Darth Vader – both him and her. Or any other type of theme, for that matter. It’s something that you will regret for the rest of your life. It’s just terrible for guests and everyone else involved if it isn’t done tastefully.

3: Destination wedding locations should be realistic

While people might be happy to join your in Paris for your wedding with sufficient, there aren’t places where they would be able to join you. This could be for monetary reasons especially if the place you’ve picked is miles away. Think about this seriously if you want your friends and family to be with you.

4: Avoid the garter ritual

This is a ritual where the bridegroom removes the bride’s garter with his teeth while a bunch of single chaps look on awkwardly. Do not try this at your wedding. It’s outdated and in poor taste. At the very least, it isn’t sexy at all either.