How to organize a small, intimate wedding?

How to organize a small, intimate wedding?

If you prefer a personal, intimate celebration of your union, here are some tips that will help you organize a wedding that is intimate and one that gets all your guests involved.

Keep to a smaller budget – Look at offering more to your guests by reducing the numbers. Consider inviting less than 75 guests to maximize your budget.

Treat your guests well – A small guest list means that you can offer your guests extra luxury. Consider offering your guests a comfortable stay with a gift basket or a bottle of champagne as they arrive.

Pay attention to the details – Smaller weddings will require you to take notice of every detail. Consider hiring a wedding planner to help you source vendors that will find items that will make your day special.

Make it entertaining – A smaller wedding would mean that you can include everyone in the celebration. Consider asking your guests to circle you while you read your vows or seat them at one table at the wedding reception.

Limit the guest list – Remember that your families may not like the fact that they have to cut down the number of invitees, but let them know that this is your day and that your budget does not allow for a big celebration.

Uninvited guests – For guests that you were unable to invite, organize a smaller event at a relaxed venue, like your new home.