Gift Ideas for the Bedroom

Gift Ideas for the Bedroom

Looking for a great gift for newlyweds? Trying to find the best housewarming gifts for a pair of new home owners looking for a great start in life? Every new home owner and married couple needs basics like quilts, towels and bath mats. With a few nicer sets of linens and essentials in the bedroom, you can equip any young couple for the road ahead with something that will last a long time.


Curtains aren’t just for flare in the bedroom; they serve the practical purpose of blocking sunlight. This also helps to cool the room throughout the day, so nights don’t get too warm during the summer time. Thicker curtains can also dampen sounds from the outside, so it may be worth the extra money if the couple lives in a bigger city.

Pillows and Toppers

Foam pillows add extra neck support to sleepers who suffer from joint pain. Those on their side benefit from body pillows, where they can hug and lean into the fabric for comfort. Toppers can also help add support, especially for those who have a mattress that is too soft or firm. Toppers can help cushion the sleeper, or firm up the mattress to align the spine.

Sheets and Comforters

You can often by sheets and comforters as one set, called a “bed in a bag.” These sets help you match colors and brands too. You can mix and match pillow cases and sheets if you like too. The ideal thread count for sheets is somewhere around 300-400, which is soft and dense enough to insulate your body heat.


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Source: Stephanie Lichtenstein Ramos writes for BeddingStyle, the Web’s leading retailer of designer bedding at affordable prices.