Getting a Cayman Islands’ Wedding

Written by Andys Rent-A-Car

The Cayman Islands are greatly known for the hospitality of their people are well as the breathtaking tropical sceneries. The islands are prized destinations when it comes to celebrating exceptional weddings. The celebration of weddings is made simple on the island with the existence of numerous venues ranging from smaller resorts to big five-star hotels, the choice is vast. Couples usually opt for the venue that would be more likely to suit their style and the size of their guest list. An advantage of holding your wedding in such a place is that you can keep decorations to a minimum as the setting is gorgeous in itself.

The islands makes the planning of a wedding quite easy as it offers a good choice of event planners, wedding vendors as well as florists, bakers and photographers. In short, everything that you might require to carry out your ceremony as expected. The high wedding season on the islands would be around Christmas time until mid-April. Normally weddings are not recommended from the months of May to November due to the risk of hurricanes.

It an important and interesting fact to note that outdoor and live music is not permitted on the islands on Sundays. This would also mean that for any party held on a Saturday evening, the music would have to stop just before midnight. Week days weddings might therefore be more festive and pose less restrictions.

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