A Keepsake She’ll Cherish Forever

A Keepsake She’ll Cherish Forever

On the hunt for the perfect keepsake to declare your love? Have you considered the unique charm of estate jewellery? These timeless pieces add a bit of glamour using handcrafted metalwork, and gemstones you don’t often see in today’s rings. Plus, the appeal of a unique piece that isn’t mass produced is hard to pass up. She’ll have a ring she can cherish for a lifetime, or pass down to someone special when she’s older.

Antiques are something she can grow with, as your love grows. Kept in good condition, these pieces can be an important part of her collection. That sentimental value can be passed down to your future child, to a daughter who will appreciate it as much as your future wife, or to a son who may use it to propose to his own future wife, or as a keepsake within your family.

The best part? These unique pieces are more affordable than you think. Often comparable, or even less expensive than their mass-produced counterparts.

Of course, finding antiques can be a long process while you search for something just right. Learn her tastes as best as you can to try and guide your decision (if you choose to keep it a surprise), or bring her with you when you shop.

If you can’t find an authentic vintage piece you want, but love some of the styles you’ve seen, you can order custom jewellery from Toronto to look like the real thing. According to Cynthia Findlay Antiques, custom pieces even use some of the same metals and gemstones as those artisans of yesteryear. Custom builds are great for those who want something wholly unique that harkens back to those classic styles. Art Deco, Victorian, Edwardian, everyone can express their tastes with a custom piece. Consultants guide you, so your design is shaped by professional hands.